How Regular Car Wash Protect Your Car From Winter Damage

When it’s winter, the cold season can wreak havoc on your car. As we protect ourselves in the cold outside, our car needs protection as well. It may seem just a regular thing we do with our car, but giving your ride a regular car wash protects your car from winter damage.

Benefits of regular car wash

You need to wash your car regularly, as it helps protect your car this time of the year. It may seem like a waste of time and money, but it is necessary to protect your car from winter damage. The wintertimes expose your car to cold temperatures, road salt, ice, and snow. It can be easy to overlook these elements as just an everyday winter nuisance. You have to wash your car regularly to get rid of these elements that can cause winter damage to your car.

Your car tires are busy all year round and take all the beating. Keeping your tires clean help lessen wear and tear, and washing your car can do this.

During winter, your windshield, mirrors, headlights, taillights and back-up camera may get dirt, grime and salt. A regular car wash can keep these areas of your car clean help in maintaining better visibility.

The combination of cold and snow can cause damage to your car, and giving your car a bathe is helpful to prevent it. But during the winter days, when is the right time to wash your car? It is best to wash the car during the days where the daytime temperature is at freezing or close to it. In cooler temperature, it helps when you drive around shortly to shed excess water. Then when you get back home, wipe down the doors and windows with a warm damp cloth. If your garage is not heated, closing the main door all the time prevents your car from icing.

Also, keep your car interior clean. Rubber floor mats are best during this time of the year as they are easy to wash.