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Simple Checkups To Include In Your Car Maintenance Checklist

It is imperative to keep your car in good condition to have it running at optimum performance. Here we talk about simple checkup every car needs.

Check windshield wipers

Replace broken indicator bulbs. The indicators or signal lights are important parts of the car and should always include your car maintenance checklist. These lights inform other motorists where you are going, which helps them know what to do. If one of the indicators are no longer functioning, you can easily replace it without having to go to the shop. While this is a task you can do, it is important to use only the right bulb for your vehicle. You can check your vehicle owner’s manual for the information that can help you a great deal in your basic car maintenance tasks. Also, the manual explains how to access and replace these lights.

Change windshield wipers. Clear visibility is a must when driving your car. The windshield of your vehicle should be super clean. Keeping it clean is a job that your windshield wiper do. These wipers eventually wear out, and it degrades a little faster than other components of your car. They’re a lot easier to replace, a task you can manage. 

When the windshield starts to get streaky or that wipers make a squeaking, grating sound every time it runs, then it’s time to replace it. Choose the recommended replacement wiper blade that fit your vehicle. You may want to give the front glass of your car a thorough cleaning both inside and out when you change the wipers.